Before you read further please take note that I love to be sarcastic, especially about myself. I think I’m funny (insert sarcasm here). I don’t take what I do very seriously. So take what you’re about to read with a grain of salt and keep in my mind that most of the time I’m trying to be funny at my own expense. Laughter is fucking amaze-balls!! Try it :)

I was inspired to do the first two paintings on this page when I noticed the word “love” in the actual words and immediately thought of inverting the letters to make them stand out. I really love (no pun intended) this concept, it’s easy to be creative and fun. I’ll prolly do more of these someday.

Anyhoo, the painting, “Revolution” is the one that started the series. I was totally inspired to create a piece focused on the word love and try to make a revolution out of it. Having a mix of dark and light images around it causing you to think, “What the hell is a revolution of love?!” It’s whatever you want it to be. I included symbols that could be interpreted as religious, satanic, Darwin-ic, destructive and more. My first thought when I was done with it was, “Fuck it, what ever you believe in, whatever has happened to you or the world around you, let love prevail, make a revolution of it.

It was created on canvas using oil paint and pastel.

Fun fact, i suck at measuring and shit, so the depth effect of the R, O and N were purely because I made a mistake and there was too much space between the letters compared to the rest of the word. So I filled in the space creating that effect instead of paining over and over and over.

Now...the painting “Evolve” is a whole different beast. That was created during a dark time in my life from hate, resentment, sadness, self-loathing and not wanting to live. I tried making it positive at first with the concept of “let love evolve through tough times.” But it was during a severely tumultuous relationship that was constantly on and off breaking my heart into the shit pile that it is today, so the positive message didn’t happen.

It was created on canvas using oil paint and pastels, colored markers, glass mirrors and some fun doll toys.

I’ll start at the end. The mirrors were last to go on and they were for my ex at the time to send the message, “Take a look at yourself, inside yourself and around yourself.” Later on I decided I liked the concept of the mirrors and we could all use a reminder to stop blaming the world around and realize that we are responsible for ourselves and our journey.

I thought smashing the glass ones would send the message even clearer (i really enjoyed that part, I used a hammer lol).

Some of my ex is hidden in the painting and some of it is obvious.

I wanted everything to be broken and bleeding, it takes a long time to absorb this whole piece and I used A LOT of small lines. If it appears to you that all the madness and chaos is emanating from a vagina, yep it is. At that point during the creative process I was reflecting on all of my failed relationships and trust me, there’s a big ‘ole fucking pile of ‘em! I was mad at women in general (i clearly had not yet looked in the mirror or mirrors myself ;) so i created a vag right in the middle of the painting. I do love a good vagina though, just want to be clear on that

Another fun fact is that I live and think for the moment. Like really. And often times I create my own blend of color for back and foregrounds from many different pigments. I never and I stress never create a whole shit pile of it in case I need it for the future and I always do, so I’m left guessing in between sessions what that blend was comprised of. Sometimes it comes out nice and sometimes not so much. There can be days or even weeks in between painting sessions depending on what festivities are happening in life at that time, you'd think I be a better for the next session. Yah no.

Fun fun fact...I hate when people call me dramatic! My paintings are so god damn dramatic, now I get it!!! For number three we have a divorce painting called, “Divorces Suck” where a big ass sword is piercing a heart. I decided to do the heart somewhat realistically , I hate painting real shit, I’m horrible at it. If you knew how long it took me to get the heart even close to realistic you’d prolly paypal me money instantly just because you feel bad for me. My PayPal email is ;)

There’s really not much to say about it fortunately as I’ve typed quite a bit so far right? :) It was a struggle as most divorces are, this one stood out and deserved a paining because in my opinion, it is a divorce that could have and should have been avoided. That made it extremely difficult to get through. And what a loveley representation of how a felt, a sword piercing a hear, yay. Although, if you knew what happened next in my life regarding the ladies you’d fucking die. However, that didn’t get a painting THAT inspired me to do a movie. Don’t watch it, it’s 40 minutes that you’ll never get back. The message is there, but I really didn’t know what I was doing and stretched myself too thin writing, directing and acting in Final Tears: Married to Metal. Steaming on Amazon and the DVD is available at if you really want to know what happened.

Anyhoo again, I this dramatic creation was done on canvas with oil paint. I tried using some blobs of paint on the heart to give it dimension. Also, you’ll notice a planety type thing and some circular hoobajoobs; there’s no great explanation except for that’s what I pictured in my bizare imagination for the painting.

Next up is Alternate Reality. I wanted to something with a guitar, spacey things, energy and a bat! I think I’ve covered all the bases (pun intended). This was just a fun piece to do, no drama, no lady problems (well, there prolly were but...), just an interesting piece to do, again from the depths of my imagination. It’s oil paint on canvas with some oil pastel as well. Two fun facts about this piece is it’s the first and only painting that I’ve done wrapping the subjects and background around each side. I thought it sucked doing that, keeping the continuity around the corners was a pain in the ass or maybe I’m just lazy. ;) The second thing is, I’ve always disliked the bat. I don’t like the placement nor the image. But, I didn’t dislike it enough to cover it up and do something else either. I just answered my own question, I’m lazy. LOL Regarding not covering up the bat, it goes a little further. I always struggle with being done with a piece. Sometimes it takes weeks and sometime months to finish, but to “know” when I’m finished is the challenge. I always feel like it could be better and pick at it here and there, remove a stupid bat and put it back. I truly said, “Fuck the bat, I’m done with this!” Because it took so long.

Moving on there are two oil pastels on black construction paper called “Heart U” and “Starfish 9.” I really really like using oil pastels because you can use your fingers, get all up in the color and massage the pigments together and create cool shit! When you can use your hands to create with pastels and paper it’s like you’re one with the art, it’s just damn orgasmic. Anecdotally... A certain lady friend of mine once told me that I’m VERY tactile. I had to look that up, member I’m also a drummer (short bus) and ultimately she was right. :) I like touching things.

For these two pieces I imaged layers of color over colors being separated (by my hands) to expose the subject. I know, sounds damn sexy right? Just wait it gets better. So, I decided on the base color of the subject and then mashed other oil pastel colors over and around the base. I had one big fuckin mess to work with. I then used water and my fingers to expose some of the colors around the subject. The I used fire to actually draw out the subject, starfish and the heart. For the final touch I melted oil pastel from above the paper allowing it to drip wherever it wanted.

And as always, fun fact; the 9 in “Starfish 9” has no significance. It just sounded cooler with a nine. Also, when I used to go to Las Vegas to give away my money at a craps table, I would choose the number 9 often, so it stuck with me.

Next in line is, “Strange Things.” Appropriately named. This is another oil pastel on back paper. Sometimes I would just sit down and make random shapes just to see what I could do with them. You’ll see none of that here and for a good reason, they usually suck. Except for this one, it’s kinda neato and the beauty of it is you see something a little different all four ways you can hang it.

Continuing with the words that contain "love" my latest piece is called Malevolence. I was hoping to have lighter approach with this showing that love should come before malevolence, but it came out kinda fuckin evil looking in the end. lol Then I started thinking while creating it how important looking inside yourself is and taking responsibility for what you do and say to others. I ran out of space so then I got those three smaller pieces of canvas to portray that, I've never done a multi piece like that, it actually bugged the shit out of me because it wasn't all symetrical and shit, but I got over it. :) It is oil paint, oil pastel and I used these groovy new oil based markers that I found for the first time. There are also physical mirrors used. A not on this piece someone told me that all of my shit was always so negative so for that person I used some heart mirrors that weren's smashed and covered with blood. So there you go, someting positive. (I just really laughed out loud)

If you've actually read this far, I should prolly PayPal YOU! Shanks!!!  McQ  \m/